Barbara and Claudio

Barbara og Claudio


Barbara Carpino & Claudio Forte (Italy / Sicily)

Our life and dance is an important thing for us ... we dance to live and live to dance! From an early age, we started dancing after our parents, who started dancing classes already in 1994. When we also started our adventure in the dance world, it became standard dance and Latin American dance! Barbara first started her career dancing just 5 years ago with classical and modern dance!

After having had more partners, we finally began our career in August 1999. Our master Rossano Miranda suggested we should dance together! We tried and it was "dancing" love at first moment and LOVE SAND the next year!

We have achieved many successes in standard and Latin American dances. We managed to win the A1 class and came to the finals in the major Italian competitions!

In 2001, there was a turning point in our career where we watched the movie "The Tango Lesson" by Sally Potter. We fell love in this beautiful art, which was very different from what we used to and have now studied it for several years! Posture, step, feeling ... everything was really different from our way of learning the dance. But what really motivated us to change the course was an element we had searched for very long and as we only found in the Tango ... freedom of movement ....

Since then, we have dedicated our body and soul to study this dance and constantly try to have our own personal vision in the tango: trying to get the techniques acquired in the earlier dialogue with the freedom and imagination of this wonderful Argentinean art!

So in between festivals here and there, but especially a lot of training, we created our tango with above all harmony, elegance, technology, freedom and softness!

After much exploration and travel, we decided in 2004 to share our passion with our students in our own city, SYRACUSE!
In September 2004, we opened our Argentine tango academy, the first in our city, SYRACUSE PALAZZO!
From then on, thousands of tangueros have gone, and many still remain with us to continue searching for themselves and their own tango through our lessons!

Since 2005, we started our first performances throughout Italy and then abroad!
The great appreciation of all was when the Italian Tanguero people pushed us to meet a big challenge ... MUNDIAL DE TANGO IN Buenos Aires !!!!
So in 2006 together with a group of our students we went to the Argentine capital to compare ourselves with the best tangueros in the world ...
After many days and days of choice, we came to the finals both in the Tango Escenario category and in the Tango Salon category ...
In Tango Escenario we reached the 19th place, but the greatest satisfaction was the Tango Salon, where we were able to classify us in 4th place in the overall result. There are still no "non-Argentinian" couples achieved since!

From the moment that the whole world began to teach us, we began to attend many festivals, teach in many cities, and even today we are one of the most recognized Italian couples in the world!

We bring our tango around in Italy, including permanent teaching at our academy in Syracuse, and since 2014 we have opened another Argentine tango academy in Verona!

Throughout this dance world, we have discovered that the most important dreams of our private lives ... in 2008 we got married and in 2009 our little Gabriel came. It is the person we wake up with in the morning and we dance and live for him !!!

And since 2014 also for our new puppy, a wonderful labrador named Dusty, another jewel in our amazing life!

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